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nor the most intelligent, but always the one
that is most adaptive to change’

Vodafone and Conneqtech to secure bikes remotely

Vodafone is working with Dutch company Conneqtech to manage and secure bicycles remotely. Conneqtech has developed a platform for so-called connected bikes (including an app).


The platform can be used for various purposes. For example, the owner of the bicycle can be notified if the bicycle is moved or stolen. This functionality can be sold as part of a bicycle insurance policy.


The platform also offers all kinds of possibilities for customer service and after sales: registration of the use of the bicycle, insight into the condition of the battery and the number of kilometres ridden, remote opening and locking of the bicycle lock and making a trade-in offer.


Thanks to the collaboration of the companies involved, it is expected that the first 5000 Sparta e-bikes with a Vodafone connection will leave the factory in early 2017.



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