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Consumer Association: Insurers enthusiastic about e-bikes with GPS

Insurers are looking with great interest at the GPS developments in the cycling world. The IoT technology helps to prevent bicycle theft and retrieval of lost or stolen bikes. These positive consequences can lead to lower insurance premiums.

The Consumer Association has been campaigning for some time for a fair relationship between the risk of theft of bicycles and the premium paid by the consumer. For this issue, they have therefore asked various insurers for a reaction on the subject of insurance and Smart E-Bikes.


Bicycle insurer and market leader ENRA

In standard cases, ENRA determines the amount of the premium on the basis of the insured’s place of residence; the greater the risk of theft, the higher the premium. But there is an exception for consumers with a Smart E-Bike. There ENRA offers insurance that is independent of the customer’s place of residence. As a result, the premium benefit for consumers in places with an increased theft risk is the greatest.


KingPolis; interesting developments
KingPolis is following developments in Connected and Smart E-Bikes with great interest but has not yet lowered its premiums. However, they are in discussion with various parties to investigate the possibilities. If the figures show that the IoT technology causes lower damage statistics, the premium will go down, according to director Henk Winters.


Allianz adjusts premium
Allianz actively participates in projects where bicycles are equipped with a smart lock. The experiences that have resulted from this are positive to date. As a result, it has been decided to calculate a lower premium that is the direct result of a lower risk of theft.


Klaverblad reacts with caution
Klaverblad wonders whether the effect of GPS in e-bikes will be of lasting duration. According to them, the e-bike – despite the fact that it is easier to trace – often gives no reason for the police to retrieve the bicycle. In addition, the developments have not yet resulted in a change in policy in the judiciary.


Even though, according to Klaverblad, e-bikes are not retrieved by the police, bicycle brands such as Sparta do trace stolen Smart E-Bikes.


Sparta detects stolen e-bikes

When a Sparta Smart E-Bike is stolen, the owner can report this to a special service centre via a Sparta Smart app. An EIO (Extraordinary Investigation Officer) of the municipality searches for the bicycle with the help of information from the service centre and returns it to the owner.


Of the first 6000 Smart E-Bikes sold, not a single one has been stolen yet. On the bikes you can clearly see that it contains a GPS module. This sticker seems to be enough to deter the e-bike thief for the time being. The above image is an example of such a sticker.





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